Since this millennium began, ITPDX had been a small agency of skilled software and technology engineers providing Small and Medium-sized Businesses customized hosting solutions, ecommerce and operational information technology along with custom development. We do B2C, B2B, API, and 3PL development upon multiple coding platforms and under many compliance targets such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and more recently GDPR compliant.


We obviously have a sense of humor and that's primarily based on our comfort with technology. We figure out the hard stuff so you can focus on the results you want rather than the complicated methods to get to the results you need. You don't have to feel lost in the "virtual woods" because when you're a long-term client of our ITPDX you have our advice and support on-call.

It's an all too common scenario: Technology companies that put marketing & legal efforts as higher priority than operations & engineering. They always look like the shinier, easier technology solution you dreamt you would find. But these scenarios usually only end in loss of time, productivity and valuable resources.

We do not take shortcuts. We've been in relationships with technology long enough to know where the pitfalls are and how to tell the marketing hype from the actual functional specifications. And it's our hobby to try technologies ourselves before we speak about them.


Whether you're launching a new e-commerce business, revamping, or you need maintenance and assistance training staff, ITPDX can help. We can make the tried-and-true models work for you, or we can help you revolutionize the way you do business on the Internet.


Some of the ITPDX team navigating VR Our home port is Portland, Oregon, enmeshed in an atmosphere famous for its progressiveness in urban ecology, the arts, and DIY (do-it-yourself) ethics. We get excited about new ideas. More importantly, we value the human aspect of business. We offer you an ongoing relationship in which we work with you: person-to-person.

We aren't giving our products and services away for free; nor are we trying to maximize profits by playing numbers games and keeping you in the dark. We WILL NOT sacrifice the quality and care that we put into our offerings to boast the lowest prices in the industry; nor will we take advantage of you with exorbitantly high prices because we think we can get away with something.

Why? We see ourselves as a community of artisans within the IT industry as well as within a larger human community. We enjoy the work we do and we have a shared sense of dignity about it. We believe in relationships of mutualism in which we help each other thrive. If we can teach you to fish then that's what we'll do. We believe that a growing healthy business for you leads to a better job satisfaction for us.

At ITPDX we're in it with you for the long run
and we're in it together.

Times change and technology may transform the way we operate, but it will never change who we are or our commitment to helping you grow your business using technology as a TOOL to future-proof your business model.

With this in mind, we've specialized in service for over a quarter-century and in all that time, here's what we know for sure: there's no gadget that replaces truly listening to someone and there is no software that substitutes personal attention. We display our values out in the open. You will probably recognize how honest and forthright we are over time. There are no shortcuts to developing great long-term relationships.

If you're interested in seeking a business relationship with us and discovering how ITPDX can augment your future successes, WE THANK YOU!