Welcome to ITPDX LLC!

Terms and Policies

TERMS OF SERVICE - This covers any pre-created services which require an ongoing subscription fee to ITPDX and covers, things like hosting, email services.

TERMS OF LABOR - This covers any ongoing or hourly labor costs for custom code, consultation, or project by project estimated tasks. You will find these terms at the bottom of every planned estimate we provide and they also apply to adhoc requests for labor or consultation.

PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY - While it can be summed up in just this: "We DO NOT share anything we learn from you with ANYONE else." Here's a link for the whole document.

ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY - You must be responsible with services we provide or we will not be able to provide them.

HOSTING SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT - If you're considering hosting with us, please be familiar with our service level agreement first.

PCI-DSS STATEMENT - We are a PCI-DSS compliant hosting and labor service provider. It's standard operating procedure here rather than a special effort.