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ITPDX SecureMail℠ PowerUp +5 Mailboxes

ITPDX SecureMail℠ PowerUp +5 Mailboxes
$8.75 per month (one bill per domain)

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If you already ordered your initial package for 10 mailboxes for your domain and need a few more!

You will need to add one of these to your shopping cart for each 5 additional mailboxes you require separately.

You will be billed MONTHLY for the total number of mailboxes we are providing you each month.

Almost all of our products require SOME kind of additional information and it may not be information you know. Don't worry! Just do the best you can and our engineers will contact you to work out the rest of the details together.

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Please enter the domain name for your mailboxes to reside under? Remember that spelling of the domain is CRITICAL in this step.

Please enter FIVE mailbox names like this example: test1@yourdomain.com, They must be unique to your existing mailboxes list. They must match the domain you entered above.

If you'd like some aliases created from the start, enter them here in list form. Aliases must be for the same domain but will forward to a mailbox. Example: forwardme@yourdomain.com -> test1@yourdomain.com. If you have no aliases to add, just put "None" in the field.

$8.75 per month (one bill per domain)


EMAIL IS THE BACKBONE OF YOUR OPERATION. Without it your electronic tether to your business and to your customers would be lost. It's SO important that it's frequently taken for granted which leads to careless loss of Intellectual Property (IP) and potential security breaches in your private business accounts.

We set a high-bar here on security. For us using non-encrypted communications of ANY kind is a bad practice. Therefore our mail services (while being fully compatible with all standard email software) is forced to only use secure protocols which encrypt the information being sent over the Internet.

Further, our mail systems are in a secured environment and all internal communications from various functional servers is encrypted from end-to-end.

This service, ITPDX SecureMail is sold to you on a monthly basis and is billed by the mailbox. Full details are listed below in the description at the bottom of the page.

Support is provided for major platforms including SmartPhones, PDA’s, most iPhone services, Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX mail clients. We only provide the Premium service with 24/7 service status updates and 24/7 support requests. Also, the service comes with a fully functional webmail client interface (see gallery images) so you can log on from almost anywhere with or without your computer or smartphone using an encrypted login page and encrypted web interfaces.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name ITPDX SecureMail℠ PowerUp +5 Mailboxes
Bills By month (one bill per domain)