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EDDS (Enhanced Digital Delivery System)

EDDS (Enhanced Digital Download System) is a powerful tool for management, sales, and delivery of digital assets. With unique features for many popular audio, graphic, and digital text formats built right in the system allows you to go from zero to a digital ecommerce webstore in a matter of days.  It is designed as a stand-alone system providing integration points for popular commerce platforms such as Magento, OS Commerce, WOO Commerce, and more.  We've already launched several shops based on Magento Community Edition as beta sites since 2010.

Turn your online storefront into a private label online digital publishing house! Own your customer relationships and manage your OWN royalty and licensing arrangements with your content creators.

If you have us build your EDDS installation integrated into our SitePDX turn-key Magento Community Edition hosting offering we can have you charging ahead with an EDDS-powered storefront in a matter of days. Even if you'd rather license an EDDS stand-alone server we can help you build and integrate it with whatever platform you prefer. Most platforms will require custom labor integration to build to your specs but starting out with EDDS as the master ingredient will still save you hundreds of man-hours.

With EDDS you can take out the 3rd party percentages and make more money for your content creators! It's perfect for the small and medium sized publishing houses or even self-publishers who are ready to get online on their own.

This system has every aspect of the customer facing experience in-hand and provides the merchant some copyright and licensing security. With some of the file formats the system can automatically brand the digital assets on download preparation with license information about the purchaser. We provide an optional Java-based download client application which works on all platforms and uses a secured file transfer method that is throttled to help you manage your bandwidth during download.



EDDS boasts features such as:

  • Automatic file-format sampling/creation as product SKUs.
  • Unit-specific SKU/asset management so you can later mix and match SKUs to create variety packs and sampler collection products.
  • Audio support for MPEG layer 1, 2, and 3 (MP3) audio, AC3/A52, E-AC3, DTS (Dolby Digital) audio (software or SP/DIF), AAC (MPEG-4 audio), OGG, and WAV raw audio formats
  • Video support for MPG4, AVI, QuickTime MOV, WMV formats.
  • Supplemental file collections with attachment logic to asset digital files such as album art images, jewel-case pdf's, or brochures with the product as automatic inclusion with every customer download. (FLACs created by EDDS will also include Album Art embedded in the generated FLAC file).
  • Automatic digital asset sampling to create mp3 audio demo tracks.
  • PER TRACK configuration of demo sample playbacks.You can select where each track demo start and stops or just play the whole thing on your product pages.
  • Automatic collection of meta-tag data embedded within original files. Such as ID3 and other tags schema. This data can then be exposed to your ecommerce platform as attributes. Harness them to improve your web site's search index results.
  • Meta-data gathering from PDF's and video files.
  • An integrated download packager which has additional customization points to allow you to tailor (with custom programming) what happens to every download package created by sale/customer.
  • An integrated download streamer that throttles download data so that your server cannot be overwhelmed with a popular download.
  • A secured off-line asset storage to keep your assets away from the web site. Without proper authentication it will be impossible for hackers to steal your catalog.
  • Download-by-download package delivery statistics in conjunction with our provided Java download application which further allows you to have control over the download by customer.

If you're building your store on Magento CE we also include several Magento CE Extensions gratis with the EDDS Server licenses:

  • SEO optimization of artist data, an artist/writer profiling system that plays well with SEO efforts
  • Popular tags, multiple-artist to multiple albums, to multiple-tour relationships for cross-selling.
  • Impression hit data gathering on search terms, artist names, and exposure of that data into the top-tags cloud display at the bottom of every page on your site to improve SEO exposure.
  • Exposure of download statistics by customer order and by download package to the store operators via the Magento Admin interfaces.
  • Magento Admin operators have the ability to reset a download so a customer can try again if their network failed or their diskspace ran out.
  • Policy control directives are exposed in Magento interfaces so you control how many times users are entitled to download files.
  • Our optional Java Downloader application is provided with a re-distribution license so you can use it to affect the download experience even on the client-side of the download experience.
  • Also, the Java Downloader is designed to optionally pick up store operator controlled Magento Static Block content for display during the download process.


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