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At ITPDX we value our clients and their business objectives above all else. When we work on a project or engineer a web operation we are only acting out one scene in the saga of a client relationship that will last for years to come regardless of the outcome of our time together. The website screenshots we have chosen to display on these pages represent our work in a wide variety of roles, from technical consultation, architecture design, business consultation, as a joint-venture with a design firm, working as a member of a branding team, there is no end to the roles we can play. As we frequently remind you, we are here to augment what you already have and be part of a team. On the pages that follow, some of the sites are no longer live or are clients that have moved on to other service models. Where we could we have added a LIVE link to the screenshots so you could go visit them for yourself.

ASICS Sound Body Alliance

ASICS has a special program for professional fitness trainers that grants them access to the hottest new products available. ITPDX brought this private ecommerce store onto a more reliable high-speed hosted environment and saved them great sums of money annually on site maintenance.


Open-Mesh offered a wildly-popular wireless mesh networking technology used to create simple solutions for large facilities, such as hotels and hospitals, all over the world. ITPDX built their ecommerce website and integrated it with unique shipping and fulfillment systems for world-wide customers. They were recently bought by Datto Inc. and incorporated into the Datto MSP platform offerings.

Kettle Foods, Inc.

Kettle Brand Chips are all-natural chips produced in the Pacific Northwest and distributed worldwide by Kettle Foods, Inc. ITPDX Created an Online Brand Promotion Store for Kettle Brands that served as a new flavor launch pad for years..

Western Fire Chiefs Association

The Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) provides association management services to the Western States and also runs the Fire Service Bookstore. ITPDX was asked to develop their bookstore into an Association Management platform full of features for admin staff and empowering features for the end-users/members -- the project quickly turned into a platform and outgrew WFCA's ability to manage development internally.

Travel Oregon Magazine

Travel Oregon Magazine promotes tourism in Oregon, offering free maps and travel brochures to visitors on their website. ITPDX designed and built the reader service and fulfillment handling system that provides this functionality.

Forest Grove Community School

Forest Grove Community School is a free, non-profit public charter school in Oregon with a focus on educating for sustainability. ITPDX designed and created their launch website which helped them get the charter school under-way at its founding. Our work was used exclusively for the site from 2006 to 2017 and since they've been able to join with other hosted education sites.

Pendleton Round-Up

Pendleton Round-Up's major annual rodeo in Pendleton, Oregon has been a mainstay of the west for over one hundred years. ITPDX built their first online gift store so fans could shop from home for collectibles from the world-famous rodeo.

Global Contact Lens Annuity Calculator

A special intensive short-term project, the Global Contact Lens Annuity Calculator provided contact lens customer service questions to twelve regions of the international optometry industry. ITPDX designed, developed and localized this custom application in 12 languages.


HD-Klassik.com offers classical music recordings in a variety of high-quality formats. ITPDX's EDDS™ technology is the engine behind these shops, processing and delivering the downloads for customers.

Channel Classics Records B.V.

Channel Classics Records is a world-renowned classical music label, revered among audiophiles worldwide. ITPDX took over their Magento store and built their shop on custom digital file delivery and management software from 2010 to 2017. They have since grown into a new online presence and continue to thrive!

Eye For the Find

Eye For the Find needed an ecommerce offering that augmented and supported their existing retail channel. ITPDX built their site to include zip code-specific retailer accounts for ordering stock from the source in real-time.


Universal Soul Services is a zen healing online college with a world-wide footprint and business nexus points in India, Canada, Belgium, Germany, and the USA. Originally, ITPDX was brought in to help them develop digital asset sales systems using EDDS but soon after discovered that we had the expertise to build them a world-wide commerce solution handling everything from localization needs to local tax and sales solutions.


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