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Recommended Viewing: Provided by SciShow!
June 2020, Playtime 6m 24s
SciShow - Youtube

How Cells Hack Entropy to Live | SciShow

This video seems strangely relevant. In actual practice data loosed upon the Internet is very much like a bag of glitter given to a toddler. You would be wise to include entropy into your thinking about your data. Scishow invented a great analogy for entropy that happens to work well for data proliferation too. Stay safe and wash your hands!

Recommended Viewing: Provided by AT&T ThreatTraq!
Apr 2021, Playtime 11m 40s
AT&T ThreatTraq - Youtube

Malware Buried in Code Base | AT&T ThreatTraq

The SolarWinds hack of the software repository supply chain brought attention to issues like this one. Organized attackers tried to inject a malware back-door into installations of PHP by camouflaging a "typo fix" into the PHP Git Repository. The lessons here are many but our biggest reminder is that an ACTIVE Open Source community identifies and tackles threats because they know each other. Good community is the best way to fight organized bad actors.


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